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Distinctive Choice was established in 2001 with its main focus on integrity with a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and motivation. As a company with 29 years of national & international security and intelligence experience, we are dedicated in providing clients with value-focused services and results. Distinctive Choice has earned a reputation for developing and using leading edge concepts to solve challenging situations. Our success lies with our hands-on management approach combined with the commitment to anticipate and adapt to an ever evolving set of client needs.

Distinctive Choice Intelligence

In 2017 we added Hawk Risk Protection to our group of companies. Hawk Risk Protection focusses on risk and asset management for corporate clients, which includes close protection services for company executives, dignitaries and high profile personalities, as well as specialised armed response.

We as Risk & Asset Management specialists provide a wide variety of risk services to our selected group of clients which includes corporate & industrial requirements. All our risk officers are pre-selected on a A-Grade minimum requirement, health & safety, firefighting & first aid qualification training requirement as a recruitment specific.

All risk officer recruits are further subjected to an internal security test as well as fingerprint criminal clearance requirements. PSIRA grading and training is also verified with as correct. As a final requirement all risk officers are subjected to a polygraph examination as a pre-employment requirement and if the candidate is successful and the risk officer is engaged by our company each risk officer is subjected to a periodic(six month) polygraph examination in order to ensure that we deploy only the cream of the crop to our selected clients.

Our risk officers are over above PSIRA Sectorial Determination, remunerated additional monthly performance bonusses that is measured by our selected clients with a monthly performance appraisal which determines the monthly performance bonus of each risk officer deployed at our selected clients premises. The monthly performance appraisal forms part of a monthly report submitted to each client on the last day of each month to update all risk management requirements at each of our selected contracts.

We are well known for our experience and success in uncovering and resolving fraud and corruption efficiently, effectively and with conviction. Our expertise extends to gathering of business intelligence, bank investigations and criminal checks which allows our clients to act on factual information. We have mastered the art of forensic investigations, intelligence gathering and security management.

Risk Asset Management Specialists

South Africa’s leading Risk Management & Investigation Specialists


Forensic Investigations

The increasing sophistication of white-collar crime in the Corporate and Public Sectors necessitates utilizing new investigative techniques to prevent, detect and respond to commercial and financial related crimes. Hawk Risk Protection utilizes a Project Management approach which ensures a professional, sophisticated and effective method of investigations.


Intelligence Services

Although publicly available information is helpful for background purposes, usually the best way to find out about the threat that some organisations and individuals pose is to obtain secret intelligence about their activities. We gather this information and use it to find out about organisations of interest and their key personalities, infrastructure, intentions, plans, and capabilities.


Executive Protection

A new wrinkle in the fabric of VIP/Executive Protection emerged recently shifting emphasis from preventative measures to post-incident preparation and contingency planning. The proper approach to VIP/Executive Protection has been, and always will be, preventative, proactive steps taken to reduce the likelihood of attack.


Risk & Asset Management

We as Risk & Asset Management specialists provide a wide variety of risk services to our selected group of clients which includes corporate & industrial requirements. All our risk officers are pre-selected on a A-Grade minimum requirement, health & safety, firefighting & first aid qualification training requirement as a recruitment specific.


Forensic Voice Analysis

Hawk Risk Protection offers Forensic Voice Analysis services to help with hearings and investigations. FVAS is a voice biometrics program used for law enforcement and criminal identification. It assists forensics experts and security organizations complete voice treatment and speaker identification processes accurately.


Criminal Checks

We are an authorised provider for Afiswitch Criminal Checks, which performs fingerprint clearances against the SAPS fingerprint database of all known convicted and/or case awaiting trial persons to determine the previous conviction and/or case awaiting trial status of an applicant relating to.


Wireless Tracking Devices

Our GPS & GSM wireless tracking devices are powered by a leading and established South African based technology company specialising in M2M and IoT solutions. It’s a purpose-built solution specifically developed for personal and asset tracking, allowing you to keep track of any asset.


Experienced & Qualified

Offering more than 29 years' national & international experience


Danie Booyens, Managing Member, has over 29 years' national & international experience in investigations, risk assessment & auditing, security project management, close protection and deployment and coordination of undercover agents. Danie, a former South African Police member, completed his training in 1989 at the SAP College in Pretoria. Danie was a member of the elite Reaction Unit (Unit 2 Diepkloof – WITWATERSRAND later Gauteng) during the 1989 – 1994 political unrest period in South Africa before the ANC Government won the elections in 1994. Danie further progressed his career from 1994 - 1998 in the South African Police by transferring to the specialized and elite unit known as SANAB (South African Narcotics Bureau) where he achieved various successes, as a detective, with high ranked commendations.

In 1999 Danie left the South African Police and joined the Private Security Industry where his knowledge, experience and skills were utilized in the corporate, industrial and bank environment. Danie provided successful consultancy and security risk tasks to various service providers as part of his experience in the Private Security Industry.


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